Infinite solutions by AST suspension

Infinite solutions by AST suspension

Infinite solutions by AST suspension

Audi S5 B8

The first generation of Audis' S5 B8 was introduced in 2007 at the Geneva Auto Salon. This coupe got the natural aspirated 4.2 V8 installed to push/pull it from 0-60Mph in 5.1 seconds. In 2007 this was one of the fastest luxury coupes in the market. The biggest competitors are the Mercedes C43 AMG and BMW's 440i.

The Audi S5 B8 is not your average racecar but its your cruiser or tourer for weekends. After some years the Audi might need some love suspension wise. The owner of this S5 found a very clean and neat example that he started to modify. New grill, wheels, spoiler package and other smaller bits but found that the OEM suspension felt a bit tired. Peter, the owner, was looking for a coilover system that wouldn't turn the car into a race car. He wasn't looking for a generic off them shelf coilover kit that would be so hard he couldn't cruise the car with his wife.

No, he was looking for a compliant suspension kit that was adjustable in height and rebound so he could play a little to set it up perfectly to his taste.

Here at AST suspension we are known from racing and clubsport, but because we make everything custom in house, we were able to offer Peter the perfect solution. It had to be the 5100 series. We have used formed springs for front and rear to keep the progressive character of the suspension. This 5100 uses an upside down system at the front with springs that go against the OEM top mount. At the rear we have chosen to use a separate setup. This means that the spring + height adjuster (pre-load adjuster) sits next to the AST damper.

This results into a car that is comfortable to drive but the suspension loads up progressively when pushing it to its corner limits! It feels solid, comfortable and very compliant to drive with.

Audi B5