Moton BMW G2X (Non M) Control Arm Bearing - Set of 2

SKU: MTO76DB-G2X-A3-101S
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The MOTON Suspension Uniball kit serves as a superior alternative to replace the front thrust arm rubber bushings. Unlike the stock bushings found in many cars, which prioritize driving comfort but can result in a disconnected sensation from the car's actions, the standard bushings permit substantial movement, leading to wear, fatigue, cracks, and eventual failure.This kit is meticulously crafted to enhance the vehicle's handling and control by minimizing bushing deflection and movement. Furthermore, it grants complete authority over wheel alignment. Constructed from top-grade anodized aluminum, it's suitable for both motorsport and regular street use.Key advantages of the MOTON suspension Control arm Uniball replacement kit include:1. Enhanced Steering Precision: Experience improved steering behavior, resulting in more precise control.2. Sharper Turn-in Response: This kit delivers a more responsive turn-in, making the car feel agile and nimble.3. Increased Feedback: Gain better feedback from the vehicle, allowing you to connect more intimately with its actions.4. Superior Control and Handling: Achieve superior control and handling, enhancing your driving experience.5. Extended Bushing Lifespan: The Uniball kit boasts robust construction, ensuring a longer service life compared to standard bushings. Lifetime usage: It offers a lifetime of usability thanks to its rebuildable design.

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Year Make Model Submodel
2019-2023 BMW 330i Base