Whats your true evolution.....?

Whats your true evolution.....?

Whats your true evolution.....?

The GT86 from Toyota or the BRZ from Subaru or the FRS from Scion is known as a great balanced sports car.

To make this sportscar perform like a true race car you can go all out on modifications. But our customer in Korea made the right choices from the beginning!

His motto is, Buy the best, buy once!

It started of as a street Gt86 that was used for spirited driving. But for everyone that is ever been to Korea, knows that the streets in Korea are not the perfect street "racing" roads and therefor the owner decided to take the GT86 to the track! But not without the correct modifications.

Our distributor in Korea, Motion in Motorsport, worked together with him to create a cart hat is compliant on the streets, but performing like no other platform at the racetrack.

They straight away started off with the 5100 AST coilovers with our unique domed top mounts! These domed top mounts give the perfect ride height without compromising the stroke in the damper.

After discussing what Volk CE28SL wheels and Nexen tires he was going to run, the valving and spring rates were determined.

With the suspension sorted the brakes were next together with engine mods. The brakes were sorted from Tarox and BMC sorted the airfilter and was complimented with a Setrab engine oil cooler.

When going fast around corners and flat out at straights you need aero parts. And since the owner wanted to buy the best, he went crazy on APR performance parts. We are talking about GT-250 Wing, Front air dam and splitter, Canards, side rocker extensions and brake cooling ducts!

All these modifications together with his Recaro Pro Racer, and harnesses makes this a great machine to catch all the corners at the track!

Thanks to Motion in Motorsport