This "fasterpiece" has been improved

This "fasterpiece" has been improved

This "fasterpiece" has been improved

BMW came with the slogan "Fasterpiece" on their introduction posters and that's the trigger to buy this M4CS.

The owner of the car has been driving this M4CS for a while now, on and off track. But now he is ready to make this Fasterpiece faster around the track! Not just modifications on the car were done, but also the owner invested in seat time the last years. Almost every weekend he has been at the track to get the max out of his BMW M4. Now he running into the maximum of the car he contacted some shops for modifications to fulfill his wishes. Our partner in Korea, Motion In motorsport, hooked him up with an AST 5100 true coilover kit.

M4 AST Suspension

To attack the Injen Speedium racetrack he made the following changes to the car:

  • Akrapovic exhaust system
  • Fall line motorsports rear camber shim kit
  • Lighter performance wheels
  • AST 5100 true coilover suspension setup and our bulletproof camber plates

Our BMW M4 5100 coilover kit can be ordered in different specs:

  • Street, track or full race
  • True coilover rear or non coilover rear (seperate setup)
  • Incl. AST Camber adjustable top mounts or produced for OEM top mount (incl. formed springs)
  • Rear can be build for OEM top mount or our pillow ball mount
  • Available for BMW M4 and M4CS

As you can see, our suspension kits are all made to order to the customer's spec.