The Next Step For The MINI GP3

The Next Step For The MINI GP3

The Next Step For The MINI GP3

Doing it the right way!

Recently we had the pleasure to install our 5100 coilover system on the MINI JCW GP3.

As you've seen in other news topics, we have already lowered some GP3's with our bespoke AST suspension Lowering springs. Some results can be seen here

In this particular case we have installed our 1 way suspension. Named the 5100 series. We have optional topmounts front and rear and they were used on this install. 

We offer a custom build suspension kit with true coilover rear setup. This means that we can build up the suspension for the customers purpose. Do you feel that the OEM stock suspension is way to harsh, we can setup the suspension softer so you have a more compliant car. Do you want to start racing and you need a stiffer more competition kit.. We are here to help you with that!  The kit is available in 1-way, 2-way or 3-way adjustable where the compression can be adjusted in high and low speed. 


Below here you can see how we have setup the rear suspension of the GP3. Its a true coilover system. This means that there is a spring mounted over the damper instead of a seperate setup. You can also see that our rebound adjust knob can be easily reached to adjust it. Another great advantage of the true coilover system is that you can change spring rates very easily with an off the shelve spring in stead of thave a formed spring that is only available in 1 rate. We have the option to add a pillowball rear topmount onto rear damper to give you that extra bit of feeling and oversteering that you might want.

Rear MINI GP3 coilover suspension



For the front we have done what we always do, upside down suspension kit. Our 44.5mm chrome cylinder provides the strength that you need around the track or when spirited driving! The adjust knob is also on the bottom of the damper so you can still easily reach that to adjust your rebound. Our kit can be supplied with camber plates that gives you the option to adjust your camber. 

Front suspension MINI GP3


More pictures can be find on our social media platforms